What is GateHub Fifth and which currencies are supported?

GateHub Fifth is GateHub’s first affiliate gateway, developed in close cooperation with GateHub Ltd. 
We support ETH, ETC, REP (Augur’s Reputation tokens), Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, and Dash.

What fees do we charge?

GateHub Fifth charges a 0.2% - 0.3% transaction fee on XRP Ledger transactions and trades for all currencies; please see Fee Schedule for details.

Why trade on GateHub / XRP Ledger?

Trading Ether on the XRP Ledger platform brings several advantages to trading on traditional exchanges:

  • Trade directly against any of the crypto-currencies like BTC and XRP, fiat currencies like USD, EUR, CNY, or even XAU and other currencies available on the XRP Ledger platform.
  • Extremely high availability: enjoy the 100% up-time of the XRP Ledger network.
  • Less trust required:
  • All trades are on-ledger, which provides public proof of ownership/claim.
  • In case one gateway is not available, you can always sell its assets on the always-up XRP Ledger network and cash out via another gateway.

How long do deposits and withdrawals take?

Deposits of ETH, ETC, REP, BTC, and DASH are usually credited in up to 60 minutes, typically in about 30 minutes. Most withdrawals are processed sent to the native network within a few minutes. Please allow up to 24 hours for larger transactions, due to security reasons.

The minimum amounts for deposits are 0.05236 ETH, 1.5286 ETC, 0.68288 REP, 0.0449 DASH and 0.00338 BTC. Deposits below these limits will be processed once the total deposit amount is above the minimum amount.

The minimum amounts for withdrawals are 0.1 ETH, 0.5 ETC, 0.5 REP, 0.01 DASH, 0.01 BTC.

How do I deposit, withdraw, and transfer cryptocurrencies and tokens?

To withdraw your fund or send them to another user or another wallet (owned either by you or someone else), use the Send / Withdraw feature and enter the address of the recipient, or the receiving wallet name.

To deposit or receive funds, you need to obtain your deposit/receiving address by selecting the receiving Wallet and clicking the Deposit / Receive button.

The receiving address type depends on the network or ledger that will be used to transfer the funds. All transfers, including deposits and withdrawals, can go via three types of ledgers (or a combination thereof): the Ripple network, the native network of the currency (Ethereum or Bitcoin), or the GateHub hosted ledger. Below is an overview of the three types of transfers (“Send tab” refers to the corresponding tab in the GateHub’s Send window):

BitcoinCash deposits and withdrawals are not yet available.

What is the difference between a hosted and a ripple wallet?

The main difference between hosted and ripple wallets is that ripple wallet transactions are recorded on the public ripple ledger, while hosted wallet transactions are recorded on GateHub’s internal (private) ledger. Hosted wallets offer more privacy and zero fee transactions. A hosted wallet cannot be used for trading, you can only use ripple wallet to do so.

Please see GateHub Help section on Wallets for more info (login required).

How do I know you still hold cryptocurrency in full reserve?

We strive to be as transparent as possible regarding our cryptocurrency holdings. You can always check our holdings and issuance of our public wallet addresses by using 3rd party tools or your own software.

Please see the Currencies tab for the list of our public addresses. You can check our hot and cold wallet balances at any time and compare the Rippe-issued IOU volume to actual cryptocurrency held in our native (Ethereum/Bitcoin) wallets.

You can check our hot and cold wallet balances at any time and compare the Rippe-issued IOU volume to actual cryptocurrency held in our native (Ethereum/Bitcoin) wallets.

Please note that the hosted wallet balances of our users are private information that we don’t disclose. The hosted wallet balances are the main reason our total native balance always exceeds the total IOU issuance. (Other reasons may include our fee profits held in native wallets or excess reserves).

How securely does GateHub Fifth store the cryptocurrency funds?

GateHub Fifth security is managed by the GateHub security team. Please see GateHub’s Help page on security for more information (login required).