The following credentials are used to access your GateHub account:

Your login email is used as a username when signing in and for notifying you about some account actions.

Your GateHub password is used for signing in along with your login email and to unlock certain GateHub wallet features.

Your GateHub Recovery key (32-character string) is generated upon signup. It can be used to reset your login password should you lose it.

Your email account is used to notify you of new devices that try to access your account.

Your Ripple wallet secret key* is used to sign all your wallet transactions - this is done automatically within the GateHub Ripple client. Keep your secret key safe and do not save it online.

If you have forgotten your password, misplaced your Recovery key and have not saved your Ripple wallet secret key, you will not be able to access your account and funds.

GateHub does not have access to any of your credentials and GateHub cannot provide access to any user account.

* Your Ripple wallet secret key can be accessed in “WALLET” - “Advanced”

GateHub Team