It is a universal name space similar to email for payments. Replace all your hard to read and remember cryptocurrency addresses and IBANs with a single human-readable identifier for all your payments.

Introducing PayID!

PayID is

Agnostic to payment and settlement rails

Free, open and non-opinionated

Built on existing web standards

Decentralized with no own blockchain or token

PayID uses a namespace structure like email to wrap underlying payment rails into one human-readable address. It can be used to send via any payment rail that is shared between two services.

GateHub will initially support XRP payments via PayID. Users can select any XRPL or GateHub Hosted wallet as their XRPL address on PayID.

Sharing your address is a thing of the past.

Share your PayID instead!



Jun 18

PayID available to all GateHub users with XRPL support



Cryptocurrency support



FIAT support


The Open Payments Coalition is a group of 40+ companies across payment, tech and finance industries that seeks to break down siloed proprietary standards for digital payments. PayID is open-source, free and easy to integrate. Visit for more information.

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