We are excited to bring you our new integration in partnership with Ripple. PayString is now live for our customers.

With PayString you can receive funds to your Primary wallet via the PayString open payments standard.

What is it?

It’s a human-readable identifier for all your payments. It works like an email by abstracting the underlying addresses and networks and making it easier for you to share your accounts. It is not limited or tied to a specific blockchain and is completely open.

Like an email address, it is built from your unique PayString name (prefix), a separator (“$” acts as “@” in email addresses) and the service domain name (for us it’s paystring.gatehub.net).

How does it work?

You can create your new PayString via Add Funds - PayString.

Your Primary wallet will be automatically added to your PayString address list. You can select an XRPL or Hosted wallet as your primary wallet. This is made possible by using the X-format addresses which can point to an XRPL address or to an address accompanied by a destination tag.

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By changing your Primary wallet, you will also automatically update your PayString’s XRPL address.

For payments, the process is the same as sending to an XRPL’s “r”, “X” or “r” + destination tag address. You just need to type the PayString and click send to make an XRPL transaction to the address saved under that PayString.

PayString is not a standalone network and does not replace any existing networks. Services that support PayString and share payment rails can enable users to send payments over these rails. This makes it easier to transfer any form of value between users.

Some quick facts:

  • You can own one PayString per account
  • Your PayString is connected to your Primary wallet
  • You can change your Primary wallet and the PayString connection will be updated automatically
  • You can remove your PayString and create a new one
  • You can send to another PayString address

Future plans for PayString

PayString is ready to wrap other networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The service integrating PayString will need to handle the sending between networks, while your experience should be seamless.

At GateHub, we are aiming to add Cryptocurrency and FIAT support next to XRPL support in Q3 and Q4. The aim is to enable sending funds from one network to another using on-the-fly conversions. All this should be quicker, cheaper and more reliable than the current, fragmented payment rails.

The Open Payments Coalition is a group of 40+ companies across payment, tech and finance industries that seeks to break down siloed proprietary standards for digital payments. PayString is open-source, free and easy to integrate. Visit payid.org for more information.

Here is a list of all the companies next to GateHub that support the standard live since June 18:





Payments Infrastructure

The Giving Block


Mercy Corps
The Water Project

We would love to hear your thoughts and questions about this feature so we can help make it even better.