With our growing base of users and a bigger demand, the need for a better and faster customer service increased. We heard your comments, complaints, and suggestions and decided to expand our team with new members dedicated to making GateHub experience better for our users, have a faster response time, and informing you more frequently about GateHub and cryptocurrency related topics. Customers and your satisfaction is our number one priority and therefore we strive to improve our services.

Our new Community Manager Ursa will be joining us in our quest, to build a bridge between you guys and our team, and a better community all around. She and the rest of our GateHub team will try and surely succeed in bringing your question and concerns to life and help solve them as soon as possible. You can reach us via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, XrpChat, and Reddit. Also for any support related questions, you can contact us on our support site: support.gatehub.net.