London, UK (June 16, 2015) — We at GateHub Ltd. are proud to announce the debut of the GateHub Gateway, a powerful, highly scalable and secure service that makes it easy to start up and manage a ripple gateway.

There is a growing worldwide demand for scalable and compliant financial technology.  Ripple is the most robust and viable distributed protocol available today, but gateway developers face high technical costs (to design secure and user-friendly systems and hire coders to build them) and regulatory hurdles (cybersecurity audits, customer verification (“KYC”), anti-fraud monitoring and AML compliance) that have stymied the development of gateways and consumer-facing ripple products.

“Our aim is to simplify what is needed to become a ripple gateway. We have developed solutions to these problems, and are working closely with Ripple Labs to make our gateway service available to the entire ripple network.” - Enej Pungercar, CEO

GateHub Gateway enables any financial institution to act as a ripple gateway without having to worry about programming or maintaining servers, and be better prepared to handle compliance issues.

GateHub gives you all the tools you need “out of the box.“  Here are a few features:

  • Managed Hosting:  GateHub runs and manages all the infrastructure you need to operate on the ripple network.
  • Integration:  GateHub API enables you to easily integrate with your existing software.  Creating a bridge App even enables you to fully automate transfers to other monetary networks.
  • Analytics:  The Analytics module provides visibility into account information, assets and transactions. It enables gateway managers to see exactly how people are using your services on each platform.
  • Advanced Security and Protection:  GateHub is building in best security practices to help insure that hackers don’t get in, and all funds are securely stored.  We also will offer insurance products that will further safeguard gateway operators and their customers.
  • ID Management:  Our integral “Identity Service” enables you to view and manage user identification documents and compile trust scores for each customer, as well as share scores with other financial institutions using the service.
  • Risk Management:  We are partnering with leading KYC and AML providers to help minimize counterparty risks, and identify suspicious transactions.  This will dramatically aid in the development of true “risk-based” AML and anti-fraud processes.

GateHub Gateway is coming in Q4 2015.

As we finish building it out, GateHub is looking to recruit a few early adopters to assist us in identifying and developing all the features and functionalities that you need.  What are your pain points today?  How can we fix them?

For more information on GateHub Gateway, or to sign up for our Early Adopter Program, visit

About GateHub

GateHub was founded in November 2014 in London, UK. GateHub is building a platform based on Ripple protocol to enable both people and companies to become a part of the upcoming Internet of Value. Its mission is to make any asset useful and accessible.