With Ethereum’s Homestead release smoothly running for a fortnight, GateHub is bringing Ether (ETH) trading to Ripple via its new GateHub Fifth gateway!

Ethereum is taking over the blockchain world, with Ether, Ethereum’s native currency, getting all the buzz on the crypto exchanges lately. Start trading ETH on the Ripple network today! GateHub now enables you to trade Ether against all currencies within the Ripple network, including fiat, crypto, bullion, and more. Just log into your GateHub account, connect the GateHub Fifth gateway with a single click, and start trading!

Why trade ETH on Ripple?

Trading Ether on the GateHub platform brings several advantages to trading on traditional exchanges:

  • Trade directly against any of the cryptocurrencies like BTC and XRP, fiat currencies like USD, EUR, CNY, or even XAU and other currencies available on the Ripple platform.
  • Extremely high availability: enjoy the 100% up-time of the Ripple network.
  • Less trust required:
    • All trades are on-ledger, which provides public proof of ownership/claim.
    • In case one gateway is not available, you can always sell its assets on the always-up Ripple network and cash out via another gateway.
  • If you already have a GateHub account, just connect the GateHub Fifth gateway with one click and you’re ready to go! No additional sign-up or verification required.

How to

To start trading ETH, just log in into your GateHub account and connect the GateHub Fifth Gateway. The process is the same as for all gateways; please see the relevant help page (login required).

When you have connected the GateHub Fifth gateway and want to start trading ETH, you can either:

  • Buy some Ether with your existing Ripple funds using GateHub Exchange, or
  • Deposit some Ether (if you already own some): select your wallet and click Deposit at the bottom of the page, then send the ETH to the provided address.

Who is GateHub Fifth?

GateHub Fifth is GateHub’s first affiliate gateway, developed in close cooperation with GateHub.

What fees do you charge?

GateHub Fifth charges a small 0.3% transaction fee only on Ripple transactions and trades.

Deposits and withdrawals of ETH to and from the Ethereum network only cost the Ethereum network fee (currently aproximately $0.001).

How long do deposits and withdrawals take?

Deposits are processed after 20 confirmations from the Ethereum network (about 5 minutes). Most withdrawals are processed immediately. Please allow up to 24 hours for larger withdrawals.

The minimum amount for both deposits and withdrawal is 0.01 ETH.

How do I deposit and withdraw ETH?

This can be done easily with a few clicks, using the standard deposit and withdrawal tools as for other assets and gateways.

How do I know you still hold my Ether?

Our cold and hot addresses on both the Ethereum and Ripple networks are public:

How securely does GateHub Fifth store the Ether?

GateHub Fifth security is managed by the GateHub security team. Please see GateHub’s Help page on security for more information (login required).

Happy Trading!