The Ethereum network will introduce a hard fork (a change of rules) with block 1920000, expected to be mined some time during July 20 early afternoon UTC. For some time after block 1920000, there will be two usable chains of blocks; Ethereum miners and the broader community will decide which of the two chains they use. It is expected that the community converges to using just one of the two chains within hours or possibly days: this will be the chain that most mining power operates on.

During the period from about an hour before the fork, and until we consider the fork resolved, GateHub Fifth Ether withdrawals and deposits will be temporarily suspended. They will be re-enabled when we consider one of the chains a clear winner of the fork; we will then switch to the winning chain.

We also strongly suggest our users don’t make any Ether deposits during this time: all such deposits (on the winning chain) will be delayed and processed only after the fork is resolved. We cannot guarantee deposits on the losing chain to be honored.

All trading on GateHub / Ripple will continue as usual during the hard fork period.