We are happy to announce that we have launched ETC trading, withdrawals, and deposits.

All users that held ETH at the moment of the fork (July 20, 13:20:40 UTC) will automatically receive the appropriate amount of ETC. Users will immediately be able to trade ETC on the ripple network and withdraw/deposit ETC via the Ethereum Classic network.

Any ETC deposits made to our users’ deposit addresses after the fork (eg. due to ETH-to-ETC transaction replays) have also been added to the user’s ETC balance.

The ETC balance crediting process differs slightly between hosted and ripple wallets. (Please read Help / About / Wallets for a concise description of the difference between these types of wallets.) All hosted wallet ETC balances have already been updated. As for ripple balances, your ETC will be credited when you connect the GateHub Fifth ETC gateway after you log in to GateHub.

(The Ripple protocol requires that, in order to hold the ETC currency, a wallet must first extend trust to the GateHub Fifth gateway for this currency. As GateHub doesn’t control your wallet keys (only you do), we cannot do this for you, so we provided a streamlined process to extend trust and have your ETC credited with one click.)

Our users can now also use GateHub Fifth as a simple way to split their ETH/ETC. If you haven’t yet split your funds, simply deposit your pre-fork ETH to GateHub Fifth; your deposit address for ETH and ETC is the same. GateHub Fifth will credit your account with both ETH and ETC. You can then withdraw or trade ETH and ETC separately without worrying about replay attacks.