London, UK -  GateHub Ltd (“GateHub”) has joined the Open Payments Coalition, alongside 40 companies and nonprofits  to bring you a new standard in open payments. Siloed payment networks make digital payments unnecessarily difficult. That’s why we are working to break down these fragmented networks and to bridge these gaps and change the way money is sent around the world.

Introducing PayString

GateHub has been on the cutting edge of open payments for years with FIAT, cryptocurrency and commodity gateways on the XRPL, Interledger integrations and a private wallet system to accompany the public XRPL and Interledger networks.
With PayString, GateHub wants to keep up the tradition of staying on the forefront of new payment technologies. PayString lets users create a human-readable payment identification similar to email. One PayString can be used to direct payments to any linked wallet address.

Here is what GateHub CEO, Enej Pungerčar had to say about the new PayString feature:

“PayString is one of the last missing pieces needed to enable seamless cross-network payments. We are excited to be one of the first wallets to support it and offer it to our valued customers.”

Over 40 companies are supporting the launch of PayString including Coil, GlobalID, Uphold, Bitpay, Ripple, Standard Chartered Ventures, Brave, Flutterwave, Dwolla, Wyre, Bitstamp,, GoPay, Bitso, BitGo and others.

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Create your PayString on GateHub under Deposit/Receive - PayString.