GateHub today proudly announces the debut of our new wallet. GateHub Wallet is a multi-asset digital wallet that is easy to use, and can hold multiple assets linked to multiple gateways.  GateHub’s vision is to serve as a bridge between payment networks and assets, starting with the Ripple network, SEPA and SWIFT.


  • New and improved user interface (“UI”)
  • Instant Payments
  • Integrated Trading
  • Ripple and Hosted wallets
  • Analytics and Market Statistics

GateHub Enterprise

As part of our broad vision to bring Fintech 2.0 to businesses, we are soon launching GateHub Gateway.  GateHub Gateway is a powerful, highly scalable and secure service that makes it easy to start up and manage a Ripple gateway.  Our gateway service is currently in beta, and is already being tested by banks and other financial institutions and exchanges.  GateHub Gateway will offer connected Wallet holders an even broader selection of opportunities to store value.

As of this writing, we have lined up more than a dozen gateways around the globe to integrate with our service.  This worldwide “network effect” means GateHub will offer much more than any standalone service – our customers will be able to make global money transfers and remittances, and trade multiple crypto and fiat currencies anywhere the law allows.  Our strategic plan is to continue to rapidly expand our wallet offering to include payments to/from other networks, including traditional financial platforms such as Mastercard and Visa, and the new distributed financial rails of commerce, including Ripple, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

For more information on GateHub Gateway please visit
GateHub Gateway will become available in early 2016.

GateHub For Developers

Both GateHub Wallet and GateHub Gateway are running on a brand new GateHub platform. Developers will soon be able to create apps such as wallets, exchanges, remittance services, smart contracts, and more by using our powerful APIs.

About GateHub

GateHub Limited is a UK based company founded in 2014.  GateHub is building a global consumer financial network based on Ripple (scalable to other protocols) and will provide a robust platform for smart contracts and other applications coming in the next wave of Fintech development.  We aim to enable individuals and businesses to take part in the upcoming Internet of Value, and to have more fun, ease of use, financial control, and safety than current offerings.