There have been multiple phishing attacks reported today, targeting Japanese GateHub users. So far it looks like the perpetrator did not obtain users’ email addresses from GateHub, but likely from another source. The emails look like they have been sent by GateHub, however they were sent from [email protected] - note the extra “s” in the domain name. Users were asked to verify their identity and threatened to have their GateHub account deleted if they did not comply.

There is another phishing email, sent by [email protected] (note the extra x), pointing to a fake website.

GateHub will never:
- Ask for your password via email.
- Send you email attachments.
- Threaten to delete your account.
- Send you links pointing to websites other than

Never enter your account details on websites other than
Never trust emails sent by addresses other than

What to do in case you receive such an email?
- Do NOT open any links or attachments.
- Forward the email to [email protected] so we can investigate it.
- Report the email as spam and delete the email.

In case you run into a phishing website, you can report it here:
Report Phish. To report a theft on the ripple network, use this form: Ripple theft report