The launch of the Songbird network, a canary network for Flare, was a huge success in our book. It did, however, show some traps that could be avoided with a bit of planning. Specifically, it turns out that networks with a strong community before the launch can lack the infrastructure to support all the activity at launch.

The demand for services can overwhelm the capacity provided by teams building the public infrastructure. For this reason we want to encourage businesses and individuals to support networks by running their own nodes. Be it the XRPL, Songbird or the upcoming Flare network.

This can help stabilize and secure the networks.


GateHub has recently set up its own Songbird node.

We want to make a contribution to the community by providing
a step by step guide for prospective individuals and teams.

Read our guide

This was made possible with the help of our friends at Towo Labs and Flare Network. A huge thanks to both teams and those individuals who helped us make it work.

You know who you are ;)