At GateHub we are super excited to see the growth and new projects on the XRP Ledger. We are constantly on the lookout for solid teams and projects and are working on making your XRPL experience as comfortable as possible.

We are happy to announce that you can now simply buy ELS and SOLO with your GateHub XRPL wallet. You can now see ELS and SOLO markets in our default markets list. By default you can trade them with XRP, EUR and USD. You can create custom markets with any other currency supported by GateHub or any other token on the XRP Ledger.

What is ELS?

Elysian (ELS) is a token created by Aesthetes, a NFT ecosystem built around and on the XRPL.

The challenge of Aesthetes is to "democratize" the art, making it easily accessible as heritage "of all" creating an ecosystem that supports the market by opening up new possibilities.

The ELS airdrop took place in November 2021. Learn more about Aesthetes and Elysian here.

What is SOLO?

SOLO is a token by Sologenic. Sologenic is building an ecosystem for on-demand tokenization of assets like stocks, ETFs, and commodities.

Learn more about Sologenic and how SOLO is used on their website.

Sologenic airdrop

Sologenic will be conducting a snapshot and airdrop in December 2021 and January 2022.


Dec 24th, 2021 8:00 PM UTC


Jan 20th, 2022 8:00 PM UTC

You will receive SOLO proportional to your XRP and SOLO holdings on the snapshot date.

You should be able to receive the airdrop if you have a SOLO trust line enabled since before the snapshot date (December 24, 2021).

announcement Sologenic is a third party entity and not affiliated with GateHub.

How do I add SOLO and ELS trust lines?

In order to add a trust line to any currency other than GateHub and GateHub UAB currencies you need to navigate to Wallet - Advanced - Trust lines and click “Add custom trust line”.

To add ELS, copy and paste the following:

XRP Ledger Address


Currency Code


To add SOLO, copy and paste the following:

XRP Ledger Address


Currency Code


SOLO is a non-standard currency code which is represented on the XRPL as a 40-character hex code.

More currencies on the XRPL

We are working on making it easy for you to add more XRPL tokens using our default one click setup. We make an effort to identify solid projects and trustworthy teams and add them to the default offering at GateHub. If you want to add a trust line or trade a currency that is not on our defaults list, you can add a custom trust line or custom market and add your favorite assets.

Note that you can add standard and non-standard currency codes. You will need to use the 40 character hex string to add a custom non-standard currency and know the issuer address. These can typically be found on the project’s pages or in XRPL token aggregators such as this one.

As you know the XRPL lets you trade any currency to any other. Remember that on GateHub we use auto-bridging to give you maximal liquidity for any trade pair with XRP as the intermediary currency.

warning_amber Make sure you do your own research about any currencies or tokens that exist on the XRPL. GateHub does not endorse or encourage you to trade assets other than those issued by GateHub.