In this blog, you can find an overview of Xahau, highlighting its unique approach to governance and finding out what the Burn2Mint Liquidity Solution is. We'll also look at the Xahau Launch Alliance, a decisive collaboration driving this project.

Monthly Governance Validator Rewards

Xahau's Genesis Account is equipped with a Hook that controls the emission of Xahau token (XAH). This Hook, which is vital for network stability, requires a powerful governance arrangement to simplify monitoring, amendments, and replacements in response to developing network conditions. While XRPL mainnet validators provide invaluable services to maintain the mainnet Ledger, they don’t receive any direct rewards. This often results in a shortage of actively managed validators. As a solution to this issue, Xahau introduces the Genesis Hook Governance Game, a mechanism that rewards certain Validators for supervising the Hook. This creative approach encourages active participation and ensures that trusted accounts are rewarded.

Burn2Mint Liquidity Solution

Xahau recognizes the need for value exchange between different blockchain chains. To address this, it presents the Burn2Mint Liquidity Solution. Unlike other mechanisms with their respective drawbacks, Burn2Mint offers a seamless, secure, and decentralized method for cross-chain value transfer. That means that users can basically clone their XRP account on Xahau and burn XRP on the XRPL mainnet in exchange for an equivalent amount of Xahau token (XAH) in their cloned account. This approach allows for self-sovereign, non-custodial, and secure cross-chain value transfers, lowering potential risks associated with other mechanisms.

Xahau Governance Game

Similar to XRPL, Xahau relies on validator UNLs to determine the canonical ledger. With that being said Xahau faces a unique governance challenge concerning its Genesis Hook. To ensure the stability and trustworthiness of the Genesis Hook, Xahau presents the Governance Game.

This system features two levels of governance:

  • Level 1 Seats, which is controlled by individual Xahau Accounts and
  • Level 2 Seats governed by self-managing committees of 3-20 Accounts.

You could say that the Governance Game provides encouragements for validators to participate actively in consensus and ensuring that key governance decisions receive the required level of support at the same time.

The Xahau Launch Alliance

Xahau's development is a collaborative effort led by the Xahau Launch Alliance, a coalition of five independent entities with a strong track record in the XRPL ecosystem. XRPL Labs, GateHub Limited, Titanium OU, Evernode Labs Ltd, and Digital Governing OU, have joined forces to develop and support Xahau, contributing expertise and resources to make this project a reality.

GateHub, as one of the launch alliance members fully supports the new chain in its Wallet applications and will also issue tokens on the new chain (EUR, USD and XRP tokens) and Xahau tokens on XRPL (XAH).

For a limited period, trading fees on GateHub have been waived for all XAH pairs on Xahau, including XAH/USD, XAH/EUR, and XAH/XRP. Enjoy the benefits of free trading until further notice!


Xahau's innovative approach to governance, the Burn2Mint Liquidity Solution, and the collaborative efforts of the Xahau Launch Alliance position it as a significant player in the cryptocurrency space. With its unique mechanisms and a commitment to decentralization, Xahau offers a fresh perspective on blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments from Xahau.

For more information on Xahau, read Xahau whitepaper.

If you need information on GateHub supporting Xahau, check our Xahau support article or contact us.