After Augur’s launch of REP on the live Ethereum network, GateHub Fifth launched support for automated REP withdrawals and deposits.

At the same time we’re decreasing our REP trading fees to 0.3%.

GateHub’s users have been able to trade REP since May. As REP wasn’t issued by the Augur team on the live network until Tuesday, our users were able to withdraw and deposit REP using REP sale account transfers with the support of the Augur team. Since today’s launch, our users are now able to deposit and withdraw REP via the native Ethereum network, making the process automated and thus much easier and faster.

The transition for our existing REP holders is seamless. Trading continues as usual.

For REP holders that have been waiting for today’s launch, here’s what you need to do to deposit your REP and start trading:

  • Login at (or sign up if you haven’t already)
  • Click Connect a Gateway: select REP and GateHub Fifth, if not already connected, and follow the instructions.
  • Select your wallet and click Enable next to GateHub Fifth REP,
  • Click Deposit / Receive, then choose REP to get your deposit address.
  • Send the REP to the deposit address from your Ethereum wallet.
  • Click Trade and place your fee-free orders!