About BPG

BPG (Banquecorp Physical Gold) is a licensed bullion dealer, a boutique precious metal refinery, registered investment manager and globally active precious metals group.

We operate in global niche markets characterized by lasting growth and attractive returns.

Precious metals are the focus of our activities.

Digital physical gold on Ripple:

BPG digital gold-backed IOUs, the “XAU”, are now issued within the Ripple protocol. The XAU is enabling digitized gold investment and the ability to use XAU for remittances and payments. This way the physical gold can be converted into any fiat currency such as USD, EUR or any other crypto-currency. Moreover, an XAU can be redeemed and physical gold that is stored in BPG’s Ljubljana vault shipped to you.

What represents 1 XAU issued by BPG on the Ripple network:

1 XAU = 1 g (gram) of pure gold (fineness 999.9)

Why trade XAU on Ripple?

Trading XAU on the GateHub platform brings several advantages to trading on traditional exchanges:

  • Trade directly against any of the cryptocurrencies like BTC and XRP, fiat currencies like USD, EUR, CNY, or other currencies available on the Ripple network.
  • Extremely high availability: enjoy the 100% up-time of the Ripple network.
  • If you already have a GateHub account, just connect the BPG gateway with one click to start the verification process.
  • Gold has always held its value, so you can use it to hedge against inflation, currency failure and controls.
  • We operate on a 100% backed basis of issued XAU. We assign 1g of pure gold (Au 99.99%) to every issued XAU.
  • We operate a precious metal refinery and our storage is regularly audited by Bureau Veritas.
  • Possibility for physical withdrawal of gold in person at our premises or via postal service (for more details see below).

How to purchase:

You can either purchase the XAU on www.bpgbullion.com/ with EUR, USD or credit card and now also on the trade section of your Gatehub wallet where you can place a buy order to buy XAU from us or other users.

How to sell:

You can place a sell order on the trade section of your Gatehub wallet. You can exchange XAU for EUR, USD, ETH, BTC,… Fiat currencies can then be wired to your bank account or any other currencies withdrawn via corresponding ripple bridges.

How to Redeem/Withdraw XAU:

You can only withdraw full amounts of XAU (e.g. 0.5 XAU is not possible to withdraw). The minimum amount you can withdraw is 1 gram gold bar where 1 XAU represents 1 gram of pure gold.

How to check our reserves:

Our cold and hot addresses on Ripple networks are public:

Ripple hot wallet: rh7WFDNxbZ7zfpvpUh5kjrfpGPkDodZFvr

Ripple cold wallet: rcoef87SYMJ58NAFx7fNM5frVknmvHsvJ

More information:

For more information about our gateway please visit: https://gatehub.net/gateways