GateHub supported wallet types

Your account can hold Ripple wallets and GateHub hosted wallets (up to 20).

A Ripple wallet (also called Ripple address or Ripple account) exists on the Ripple network and is publicly visible. Ripple wallet is not tied to your GateHub account and can be exported elsewhere.

A Ripple wallet allows you to receive and send funds, as well as trade funds on the Ripple network through GateHub “TRADE” or “EXCHANGE” interfaces (note that FIAT deposits/withdrawals are only available to verified GateHub accounts).

In order to gain functionality, a Ripple wallet must be activated with at least 20 XRP and it must hold that amount of XRP at all times as required by the Ripple protocol. This is called XRP reserve and its purpose is spam protection. You can read more about XRP reserve here.

GateHub hosted wallets are stored on GateHub private servers and are not publicly visible.

Hosted wallet allows you to receive and send funds and does not need to be funded (note that FIAT deposits are only available to verified GateHub accounts).

A trade and exchange option is currently not available in hosted wallets.

Switching between your wallets

You will occasionally need to switch between wallets in order to perform actions with a specific wallet like deposit and withdraw funds or trade your funds.

Wallets can be switched multiple ways:

In “HOME” by clicking on the name of your desired wallet.

In “WALLET”, “TRADE” and “EXCHANGE” through the drop-down menu in the top left corner.

GateHub Team