We are happy to announce that we are fully supporting Bitcoin Cash (BCH). As you know, our initial support for BCH in 2017 was limited to issuing BCH IOUs to all GateHub UAB BTC holders at the time at a 1:1 rate.

You can now deposit or withdraw BCH. Trading on the XRPL has been live since August 2017. Check out the live XRPL markets here.

About BCH

BCH was a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain in 2017. The side chain split from the Bitcoin chain at block height #478559. The goal of the miners and developers supporting the fork was to improve scalability and reduce the cost of transactions.

Some stats about BCH (as of Nov 4, 2020, source: CoinMarketCap):

Market Rank #5
Market Cap $4,399,909,894 USD
24 Hour Volume $2,325,324,333 USD
Circulating Supply 18,562,750 BCH
Total Supply 18,562,750 BCH
Max Supply 21,000,000 BCH
All Time High $4,355.62 USD (Dec 20, 2017)
All Time Low $75.03 USD (Dec 15, 2018)

The Bitcoin Cash developer team continues its work on the Bitcoin Cash roadmap. Upgrades are made every 6 months.

The BCH address format is different from BTC addresses and is called CashAddr. Each BCH address also has a “legacy address,” which is its corresponding Bitcoin address but these are NOT supported by GateHub.

BCH addresses on the blockchain start with “q” and look something like this:


They are also sometimes prefixed with “bitcoincash:”.

BCH on GateHub

BCH will be fully supported on GateHub as any other cryptocurrency. You will be able to generate a deposit address that will direct funds to your wallets. Sending BCH is done via GateHub owned wallets.

The XRPL exchange supports any-to-any exchange, as you already know. You can exchange BCH with any GateHub supported currency on the XRPL via Trade.