You can claim and withdraw your SGB on GateHub until November 30, 2021.

Additional options like delegation of SGB are not in our near term plans.

How do I claim SGB?

Go to each of your wallets and depending on the wallet’s eligibility, you will see a banner above your balances that will lead you to the claim procedure.

Claim SGB

You will need to set a SGB trust line on your XRPL wallet(s) in order to complete the claim. Remember that this requires a 2 XRP reserve. If you can’t enable the SGB trust line then, we suggest you try disabling some of your unused trust lines or close some open orders to make room for a new trust line. This is required so your XRPL wallet will be able to receive SGB.

Next you will need to declare that you understand the terms of the claim process by clicking a checkbox and then you will be able to trigger the claim procedure. This applies for all your eligible wallets.

You should receive your SGB shortly after that.

When your claim is finished, you will not be able to see a balance in your claim address on the Songbird network.

For a more detailed guide click here.

Will GateHub support trading and exchange of SGB?


You will be able to trade and exchange your SGB over the XRPL and exchange SGB to other currencies on Hosted wallets. SGB to USD, EUR, and XRP trading will be available by default. If you wish to change to a different market, you can set a custom market with any other currency.

Remember, you will need to set a SGB trust line on your XRPL wallet(s) in order to complete the claim or trade SGB.

Other markets may have low liquidity and prices may vary significantly from the current market price.

Will I be able to receive any additional tokens from Songbird?


You can only claim SGB on GateHub. If you want to use any Songbird functionality, you need to withdraw to a wallet under your control or to a service that can do that for you. The ExFi airdrop will not be supported at GateHub.

Please note that if your claim address ever receives any other tokens they cannot be recovered.

Will GateHub support any Songbird features?


You can only claim, deposit, withdraw and trade SGB. GateHub will not delegate SGB in your name or offer any other products on the Songbird network unless explicitly stated otherwise.

You should know

As explained by Flare:

Songbird should not be considered a production ready network. It is for testing of the integrity of the proposed production network (Flare), proposed governance updates over time, the Flare core protocols and dApps launching on Flare. The Flare team makes no promise to continue support or development of Songbird in the future. The team at Flare and likely the various teams testing their dApps on Songbird will be actively trying to find and exploit bugs and other issues and break the network. Please therefore be aware that Songbird comes with a potential for loss of liveness, token loss and risk that is potentially greater than main net deployments.”

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In case of a network crash, reset or any other unexpected failure GateHub will immediately freeze all SGB assets and disable all transactions.

GateHub will not support any additional airdrops on the Songbird network unless explicitly stated otherwise.

You must claim your SGB on GateHub by November 30, 2021. After this date, you will not be able to claim your SGB anymore.

The withdrawal fee for SGB is a flat fee of 2 SGB per withdrawal. You may consolidate your balances in one wallet before withdrawing to avoid unnecessary costs.