Does AML Even Work?

The crime-fighting regime demands much, but does it deliver?

FBI issues alert over cybercriminal exploits targeting DeFi

Smart contracts governing DeFi platforms identified as a particular cause for concern for the enforcement agency.

PwC Venezuela Twitter account hacked, attacker shills fake XRP giveaway

An attacker gained access to PwC Venezuela’s Twitter account and has been actively posting cryptocurrency phishing links for the last 8 hours at the time of the writing. accidentally transferred $10.5M to client instead of $100 refund

Court documents allege that the recipient used a portion of the funds to purchase a luxury mansion upon receipt.

More than 50% of reported Bitcoin trading volume is 'likely to be fake or non-economic' — Report

A Forbes analysis of 157 exchanges revealed Bitcoin trading volume may not match up to what the companies claim, particularly if they're small or unregulated.

Ethereum Merge makes network more vulnerable to attack — Security researcher

The security researcher said that while PoS isn’t “theoretically” as secure as PoW, he admits it still has “sufficient practical security.”

Terra back from the dead? LUNA price rises 300% in September

The incredible LUNA rally took place amid a flurry of positive and negative events while technicals suggest a correction is coming.

DeFi DApps activity rises 3.7% in August for first time since May — Report

Despite a slight recovery, DeFi TLV has lost $250 billion this year.

DeFi Regulations: Where US regulators should draw the line

The U.S Federal agency’s approach to the DeFi market has raised several concerns over the future of the industry: Experts weigh in on what’s the right approach.

Netflix Will Likely Ban Crypto Advertisements: Report

It is unclear whether the policy will be limited to Australia or apply globally.

XRP price breaks out of range with a 25% rally, but why?

XRP attracts buyers after the hope of a positive court ruling triggers a 25% rally above a key longer term resistance level.

Link Oman's Indian embassy Twitter account compromised to promote XRP scam

The hackers behind the attack may have been responsible for breaching India-based crypto exchange CoinDCX’s Twitter account given the similar fake XRP giveaways.

As XRP Rallies, Some Traders Buy Year-End Bullish Bets in the Options Market

Investors are snapping up bullish bets in anticipation of a resolution of Ripple's legal tussle with the U.S. SEC.

Reversible transactions could mitigate crypto theft — Researchers

The proposal puts forward an “opt-in” token standard that would enable victims to report theft to a governance contract, with algorithms helping to identify and freeze ill-gotten gains.

Russian officials approve use of crypto for cross-border payments: Report

Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev said the policy describes "how to acquire cryptocurrency, what can be done with it" and its use in cross-border settlements.