Please make sure that your mobile device can receive international SMS. Below are some troubleshooting tips for issues related to mobile phone number validation.

The same phone number has already validated 5 accounts


Try with a new phone number.

Use of online messaging service


Use only messaging services by mobile phone operators or carriers for mobile device users.

Wrong GHV PIN entered

There was an input error and you received an “Error validating pin” message.


Type in the correct pin.

GHV code has timed out

GHV pin via SMS was not received in time or user did not input the GHV pin in the allocated time frame.

You received an “Error validating pin” message.


Resubmit GHV pin request and type in the most recently received pin.

Multiple requests by the user

Multiple codes were sent and not necessarily received.


Input the most recently received GHV pin.

It is recommended to wait and submit another GHV pin request after some time if you are still unable to receive GHV pin via SMS.