In order to activate a wallet, a deposit of at least 20 XRP has to be made. The first 20 XRP deposited to a XRP Ledger account are reserved and cannot be withdrawn. This is called the XRP reserve.

Activate your wallet with XRP

Deposit at least 20 XRP to your XRP Ledger wallet address from another service or wallet.

Wallet address can be found in “WALLET”.

Note that 20 of the XRP used to activate a wallet cannot be withdrawn. Read more about XRP reserve here.

Alternative method - GateHub funding

Make a non-XRP deposit to your disabled XRP Ledger wallet.

Only verified accounts can deposit FIAT currencies.

Cryptocurrency deposit tutorial

FIAT deposit tutorial

Once your first deposit arrives, GateHub will fund the destination wallet with 20 XRP and send you an email with instructions to enable the deposited currency in your wallet. This process is called setting a trust line.

Your XRP Ledger wallet should be activated within 24 hours after your first non-XRP deposit arrives.

When your XRP Ledger wallet is active and the proper trust lines are established, your first deposit should get credited within a few hours.

Note that GateHub will only fund one XRP Ledger wallet per account.