Before the registration

We highly recommend you to enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for the email account*, designated as GateHub login address.

* Instructions apply to Gmail. if you are using a different email provider, please find relevant instructions online.

Navigate to We advise you to bookmark the URL (why is this relevant?). Click on Sign Up button.

1 - Register an account

Enter your email and type in your new password.

Choose a unique and complex password (ideally composed of upper and lowercase letters, digits and symbols).

Check “I’m not a robot” and solve the task.

Click “SIGN UP”.

Save your “Recovery key” and store it in a safe place (offline storage or paper copy). The Recovery key is generated only once and can not be recovered later.

Go to your email inbox and look for our “Welcome to GateHub!” email and click “Activate account”. Click here if you are not receiving emails.

2 - First login

Sign in with your login email and password.

Click “Corporate”. Account type cannot be changed.

Validate your mobile phone number

3 - Verification process

Upload specified documents.

You will be prompted to submit your login passphrase prior to uploading.

4 - GateHub account security

OPTIONAL - Enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA).