KYC stands for Know Your Customer.

In order to verify your account, the following information and documents have to be provided.

Personal information

In order to verify your account, the following personal information has to be provided.

  • Your full name and last name,
  • Full home address (PO boxes and other non-residence addresses are not accepted),
  • Date of birth.

Make sure your personal information matches the information on your ID and proof of residence (POR).


In order to verify your individual account at GateHub, a valid identification document has to be provided.

Choose the type of ID you are about to upload and enter ID number.

Make sure to provide a color photo or scan where the whole document is clearly visible, not visually obstructed, cropped or manipulated in any way.

  • International passport (preferable)
  • driving license (front and back side)
  • national identification card (front and back side)

No other forms of ID are accepted.

The provided ID must display the following information:

  • your name and portrait photo
  • date of issue
  • date of birth
  • document number

GateHub specific watermarking is allowed, however, it must not obstruct any information.

As per company policy please note that in some cases a visa or permanent resident card will be required in order to finish the verification process.


Proof of residency

Proof of residence (POR) is proof that you reside at the address you have entered under your personal information.

It must clearly display:

  • Your name,
  • address,
  • issuer and issue date (less than 3 months old).

Suitable forms of POR are:

  • Bank statement (you can black out sensitive information),
  • utility bill (electricity, water, waste, TV/internet),
  • government issued document (tax statement, municipality issued residence certificate).

Make sure all the information is clearly visible.

We only accept POR documents in Latin script.

To avoid delays in verification we suggest you upload documents in English. Most banks will provide an English translation of your bank statement.

Note that unopened mail is not a suitable form of POR document. Wireless (mobile) phone operator bills and non-state owned insurance will not be accepted. Bank statements by online-only banks are not accepted.

GateHub identity verification is not mandatory for wallet use.

Cryptocurrency transactions do not require a verified account. Bank transactions (FIAT) are reserved for fully verified accounts only.