A deposit address is a transitional address on a native cryptocurrency network used to link deposits to specific user wallets on the GateHub platform.

Please follow the steps below to receive your GateHub deposit addresses for cryptocurrencies.

  • Go to your WALLET tab
  • Click on the Deposit / Receive button
  • Select asset you wish to deposit ( BTC, ETH, ETC, REP, QAU or DASH)
  • Connect a Gateway if needed
  • Generate address

All cryptocurrency deposits are forwarded instantly from a deposit address to a GateHub native wallet for that currency.

How funds come and go from GateHub

Ownership of deposit addresses

The deposit addresses (for cryptocurrencies other than XRP) generated by GateHub do not belong to the user. They are transitional addresses used to link deposits to specific users.

Unsupported token deposits (ICO), airdrops or blockchain forks will not be credited to your GateHub hosted or XRP Ledger wallet and will not be recovered as per our Crosschain Recovery Policy.

All newly supported currencies, blockchain forks or airdrops will be publicly announced beforehand.

Investing in ICOs with your GateHub account is not advisable as the funds on the native network are sent out from a GateHub owned address. Tokens received in return to GateHub owned addresses will not be credited to users.