The SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple has been a constant dark cloud hovering over the company’s growth attempts.

Meta enables Instagram NFT integration in over 100 countries

Mark Zuckerberg's company, which posted a sharp loss in its Metaverse division in Q2, unveiled its digital asset expansion strategy on May 10, 2022.

A DAO That Literally Wants to Party on the Moon Just Sent a Viral YouTuber to Space

MoonDAO purchased two Blue Origin tickets as part of its larger mission “to explore the cosmos” after raising $8 million.

The Fake Team That Made Solana DeFi Look Huge

We already knew that crypto developers cannot always be trusted. But can we even trust the data?

Nonfungible tokens don't live on the blockchain, experts say

Jonathan Victor noted that storing data off-chain doesn't mean it's centralized. It's still decentralized when it's done thoughtfully.

Digital Bank Revolut Gets Approval to Offer Crypto Services Throughout Europe

The authorization will let the firm, which was valued at $33 billion in a recent funding round, offer crypto services to its 17 million customers in the European Economic Area.

An Alleged Tornado Cash Developer Was Arrested. Are You Next?

If you’re developing a crypto mixer, it’s best to do it anonymously.

Mailchimp bans crypto content creators without prior notice

The email marketing service provider temporarily suspended crypto-related accounts due to alleged terms of service violations.

BlueBenx fires employees, halts funds withdrawal citing $32M hack

BlueBenx’s lawyer, Assuramaya Kuthumi, revealed that the attack resulted in the loss of $32 million, which many investors found hard to believe.

AML and KYC: A catalyst for mainstream crypto adoption

One of the quickest ways to ensure crypto’s mainstream adoption is by working with the regulators, which includes implementing effective and investor-centric KYC and AML tools.

AFL’s first limited-edition NFT drop sells out in under 12 hours

The limited edition digital packs came at a retail price of 34.39 USDC each, raising over $130,000 after it sold out in the first drop.

#FreeAlexPertsev: Protests Planned for Amsterdam Following Tornado Cash Developer’s Arrest

Last week’s arrest sparked a public outcry. With a protest on Saturday, a petition seeking his release and legal funds being crowdsourced, the question remains: Should developers be prosecuted when their code is used for illicit activity?

8 sneaky crypto scams on Twitter right now

A 19-part thread outlines the sophisticated strategies scammers are using to part crypto users from their funds.

Coinbase would rather shut down staking than enable on-chain censorship — Brian Armstrong

With the ban on Tornado Cash, many DeFi proponents are worried that crypto exchanges, which are also the key validators of Ethereum, will succumb to pressure and impose protocol-level censorship.

Korean police seize crypto for unpaid traffic fines in trial

Local police in a suburb of Seoul have the authority to seize crypto in order to clear the balance of delinquent fines from traffic violations.

XRP price pumps and dumps amid mysterious $51M whale transfers — What's next?

XRP risks declining further in the coming weeks despite its eye-grabbing intraday price moves.

Crypto licensing roundup: Learn about the most recent approvals in the industry

THere's where cryptocurrency firms have received the most regulatory approvals and licenses over the past few weeks.

Web3 Domain Name Service Could Lose Its Web Address Because Programmer Who Can Renew It Sits in Jail expired on July 26 and will be up for grabs on Sept. 5, according to GoDaddy.

Building Web3 for iGaming: a FUN Journey

In the rapidly moving space of Web3, nothing is moving faster than iGaming. According to a report from the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) and DappRadar, blockchain-based gaming made up 52% of unique active wallet (UAW) activity in the second quarter.

What Is NFT Wash Trading?

The shadowy practice is often used to manipulate markets and create a false sense of high demand.