We’re super excited to see the launch of the GateHub Trade xApp for XUMM. Here’s a short FAQ that will let you start trading on the XRPL DEX via XUMM right now. Enjoy!

What is GateHub Trade for XUMM?

GateHub Trade is an xApp for XUMM. It lets you trade with your XRPL wallet(s) on XUMM in a trustless and completely decentralized way.

How to access GateHub Trade on XUMM??

Easy. Tap the Launcher button in XUMM and select GateHub Trade. If it doesn’t show for you, tap Scan QR code, and scan the QR code on this link.

How do I use GateHub Trade on XUMM?

The GateHub Trade xApp lets you see the XRPL decentralized markets like you are already used to from the GateHub web wallet. It features charts (price chart and depth chart), order book, last trades list and your open orders for the currently selected wallet. It also shows you your wallet balance for the selected pair and some stats for the current market.

When you tap BUY or SELL, you get access to a form for creating new orders. Check out our support guide to learn how to trade on GateHub and on the GateHub Trade xApp.

What is an xApp?

Here is XUMM’s explanation:

“xApps are small apps by the XRPL Labs team and curated 3rd parties. xApps are available in XUMM to access specific XRP Ledger features straight from the 'launcher' button”

In essence they are addons to the core wallet functionality of XUMM.

How does it work?

When you open GateHub Trade, XUMM will launch a web view (essentially a website) that you can interact with within the app. This website shows all the market data and lets you create an order by filling out a form. When you tap Confirm, the xApp communicates the order details to XUMM which lets you sign the transaction.

This means that your keys will never leave your XUMM app.

How does GateHub control the markets?

GateHub does not control the markets in any way. The xApp is just an interface that lets you see the XRPL DEX markets. GateHub does, however, have control over which markets are shown in the xApp.

How do I close an existing order?

Select the Open orders tab at any time and tap the X next to the order you would like to cancel. You will be redirected back to XUMM to sign the transaction just like when creating the order.

GateHub Trade is an xApp embedded in XUMM. XUMM is provided by XRP Labs OÜ, a provider not affiliated with GateHub. The use of XUMM application is governed by terms of service provided by XRP Labs OÜ.