At GateHub we are always looking for cutting edge improvements and additions to our service. Recently Flare Networks announced that they will run a canary network called Songbird prior to launching their main network, Flare. We hear the sentiment and the urge of the XRP community to receive their SGB immediately. Due to the nature of the network, we had to extend our research period before making any commitments.

Our official statement

GateHub will support the distribution of SGB tokens to eligible customers. We are exploring the possibility to enable trading and exchange of SGB tokens at a later date.

warning_amber We will NOT support any additional airdrops on the Songbird network.

What is this about?

Flare Network is bringing smart contract functionality to the XRPL. It’s a new standalone network that lets anyone participate in DeFi. The initial distribution of Flare native tokens called “Flare” was planned as follows:

  1. Snapshot of XRP balances on the XRPL on Dec 12, 2020. All wallets that held XRP at that time were eligible for distribution.
  2. Snapshot of XRPL wallets with message keys set on Jun 11, 2021. An ETH style address was required to participate in the distribution.

While testing the network, Flare decided to create a canary network called Songbird with a fixed supply of tokens. As pointed out by Flare here and here, the network will be rolled out in phases and caution is advised.

What is a canary network?

Canary networks are used to roll out and test potentially risky features on a working chain with actual value before deployment on the main network. This means that they run a higher risk for its users than proper main networks.

What do I have to do?

You are eligible for the SGB airdrop in the following scenarios:

  • IF you held XRP on your hosted wallet at the time of the Flare XRPL snapshot on December 12, 2020.
  • IF you held XRP on your XRPL wallet at the time of the Flare XRPL snapshot on December 12, 2020, AND set the message key on your XRPL wallet before June 11, 2021, as instructed here and as described here.

All wallets in your account that meet the criteria above are eligible for the airdrop and you will receive further instructions on how to receive SGB once we go live with the distribution.


As pointed out above, we are committed to delivering a safe and enjoyable experience to you. We do not have an official deadline yet but we have started working on making the distribution available to you as soon as possible.

We are making every effort to enable withdrawals of SGB before any of the announced airdrops on the Songbird network.