We are not certain where we’re going next, but we are certain that times like these may provide a great opportunity for those that are capable of keeping up with crypto during less exciting and scary times.

For this purpose, we created a little list of stuff that you can do to make the coming bear market a bit more bearable. Pun intended.

We’ll start with the “boring” stuff and end on a high note with some exciting events and dates that are coming up.


So you didn’t find the time to secure all your accounts and devices during the crypto highs and the NFT craze. Well, now is the time to take some time and review all your accounts, devices, passwords, keys and everything else.

You will find a detailed list of checks in our blog:

Security Tips - Staying Safe on the Web and on GateHub
Security tips for your everyday web browsing and crypto trading. Check out how to secure your email, GateHub account, wallets and more.

Here’s a short list of things you really need to do:


Harden the security of your device(s), browser(s) and email(s).


Use strong and unique passwords. A password manager can help.


Use 2FA wherever possible.


Store the most sensitive information in offline storage.


Stay skeptical of suspicious emails and links.