Rippex announced the end of their gateway project on February 2nd, 2018. On April 2nd all the balances issued by Rippex will be frozen and transactions will no longer be accepted through their platform.

Note that currencies issued by Rippex can only be redeemed through Rippex. For information about redeeming Rippex issued IOUs please refer to Rippex support.

GateHub or any other GateHub affiliated gateways will not redeem any Rippex issued balances. GateHub is, and never was, in no way affiliated with Rippex, or any cryptocurrency gateway on XRP Ledger other than GateHub Fifth.

Please make sure to withdraw all your Rippex issued balances (BRL, BTC, LTC) or exchange them to XRP by April 1st.

In order to check if your balances were issued by Rippex please look for the following trustlines in your XRP Ledger wallet:

Rippex - BRL
Rippex - BTC
Rippex - LTC

Rippex issuing addresses:

Rippex - BRL rfNZPxoZ5Uaamdp339U9dCLWz2T73nZJZH
Rippex - BTC rKxKhXZCeSDsbkyB8DVgxpjy5AHubFkMFe
Rippex - LTC rKxKhXZCeSDsbkyB8DVgxpjy5AHubFkMFe

XRP balances are native to the XRP Ledger network and can be transferred freely across platforms.

Your XRP Ledger wallet can be imported to GateHub by using its pertaining secret key. Information on how to extract your wallet secret key from Rippex client is available here.

More information, walkthroughs, and a specific timeline can be found on their website.