The XRP Ledger protocol requires that each XRP Ledger wallet holds a small amount of XRP at all times. This is called reserve and its purpose is spam protection.

The main reserve requirements are:

  • 20 XRP per address * (always required - cannot be withdrawn),
  • 5 XRP per each trustline (until disabled),
  • 5 XRP per each open order (until executed or canceled).


  • A wallet has an XRP balance of 50 XRP.
  • It has ETH and EUR trustlines enabled.
  • It has one open order.

Available balance is:

50 XRP - 20 XRP (base reserve) - 2 x 5 XRP (trustline reserve) - 5 XRP (open order) = 15 XRP.

Unused trustlines can be disabled in order to make additional XRP available. Disable a trustline by clicking the “X” next to its balance - make sure the balance is 0.

In our EXCHANGE option, the reserve is automatically set to 50 XRP as a security feature and only occurs if you click on “All available”. If you input the numbers manually, you can exchange to the minimum available XRP balance.

You can find more details about XRP reserve here.

* XRP Ledger wallet balances cannot be consolidated. Each active XRP Ledger wallet must hold at least 20 XRP. Deleting an XRP Ledger account is possible with the amendment from May 8, 2020. GateHub will support this option soon. More information available here.